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Bed Bug Exterminator in Brooklyn and Queens

There is the old saying of “don’t let the bed bugs bite” when someone departs to bed for the evening. Unfortunately, if you do actually have bed bugs in your home, they can cause you a major headache and make you not want to go to bed at night.

Bed bugs are miniscule and oval shaped and often enter your home through used furniture you bring in, or through luggage after a trip or move. They tend to live in groups in special hiding places, as they most often reside in mattresses, box springs, bed frames and other areas of the bed where they are in an ideal position to bite people at night.

After a while, their bites will make humans itchy and red, and if you begin to notice bloodstains on your sheets or pillowcases or small excrements or eggshells on your bed, then you may have a bed bug issue and should call a pest control specialist immediately.


NYC Rodent Exterminator

Rats and mice are extremely limber and resourceful creatures, and if they are able to take advantage even the tiniest of cracks in a building’s foundation, you can bet they will, as they are unafraid to make themselves comfortable and take up space in your home or business.

Further, rats and mice are far more than just a nuisance; they’re notorious disease carriers, and when they bite humans or household pets, you immediately become at risk for unwanted diseases, such salmonellosis, rat bite fever, leptospirosis and other nasty ailments. As well, their diseases can also be transmitted by coming in contact with their fecal matter.

Rats tend to travel in packs, and they can adversely affect your home’s foundation and front or backyard landscape. They will eat/chew on whatever they can, so be sure to look for bite marks on wires or structural wood, or of course, teeth marks in food. Also, if you find a live or dead rat or come across rat droppings, it’s probably best to assume you have more than just one unwanted “friend” in your home.

The best ways to prevent rats from coming on your property is by properly cleaning and maintain your home, and patching up holes that could give them a way in. Our team can help you rodent-proof your house, or help you combat a current rat or mice problem you face.


Pest Control Service NYC

These small, pesky creatures can wreak havoc in your home and always make you feel uncomfortable. These pests all tend to travel in groups, and they are not bashful when it comes to munching on your phone, or in the case of mosquitoes, your skin.

Since these pests are so small, it can be near impossible to prevent them from entering your home or business since they can fit in the smallest of cracks. As such, it’s vital you do not leave food exposed, and provide them with a reason to continue to come in your home and take up residence.

Unfortunately, cockroaches and mosquitoes are also disease and bacteria carriers, and can negatively affect the health of the people in your households, making it vital you take care of the situation right away. As well, fleas are especially burdensome to your beloved pets, so make sure you take care of the situation quickly and bring comfort back to your pet’s life.


Pest Control For Every Kind Of Pest

Most people feel unsure when they think about Queens’s pest control. It is something you never wanted to deal with and probably something you don’t know much about. When you have pests of any kind the only think you know is that you want them gone as soon as possible and you want them to stay gone. When you choose us as your Queens Pest control service then this is really all you need to know. We will take care of the rest.

We know how unsettling and even frightening it can be to have pests invading your home. You want them gone immediately and we are only too happy to help remove the problem right now. If you need a Queens’s bed bug exterminator in the middle of the night then call us in the middle of the night. If you need Queens roach extermination on a weekend then contact us on a weekend. Our 24 hour emergency service is there because we are happy to make your emergency our emergency.

When you need a Queens NYC exterminator, contact Pro Service Pest Control. You have pest problems and we have solutions. Your pest problem may have come unexpectedly but you can expect it to disappear as soon as you contact us.



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There is the old saying of “don’t let the bed bugs bite”…


Rats and mice are extremely limber and resourceful creatures, and if...

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These small, pesky creatures can wreak havoc in your home and always...

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We know how unsettling and even frightening it can be to have…

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