Pest Control Service NYC

Pro Service Pest Control offers Pest Control Services in Bronx, Brooklyn & NYC. Regardless of what kind of pest has invaded your home or business, hiring an exterminator from Pro Service Pest Control means quality exterminating services at a fair price with no danger to your family’s health

Because pests and bugs know no boundaries, Pro Service Pest Control offers a 24-hour emergency pest control and extermination service. If pests have made them self at home in your house or on your property, you should not have to wait a minute longer to rid your home of these unwanted guests. Call Pro Service Pest Control at any time of the day or night to make an appointment.

Pro Service Pest Control uses safe methods to rid your home of bats, ants, fleas, cockroaches, spiders, centipedes, and other pests. Rather than filling your home and property with dangerous chemicals, their alternative methods are effective and environmentally friendly so you do not need to worry about your children or pets becoming sick.

Contact Pro Service Pest Control today about having the pests in your home or on your property eliminated for good.