NYC Rodent Exterminator

Rodents can invade a home, bringing disease with them and damaging the structure of your property. Pro Service Pest Control offers 24 Hour emergency Extermination in Queens, New York. You can call anytime of the day or night for quality Pest & Rodent Control services at a fair price.

The team at Pro Service Pest Control uses environmentally friendly methods to rid homes of rodent visitors. Instead of using dangerous techniques to threaten the health of your children or pets, they will eliminate the pest problem while making sure that there is no threat to the safety of your family.

While some services might mean that you will see the pesky rodents return within a short time, Pro Service Pest Control offers a six-month guarantee of their extermination services. Their mission is eliminating your problem quickly, safely, and permanently.

Contact Pro Service Pest Control today about ridding your home of your rodent issue once and for all.